About Me



Top 10 things you may not know about me:
10. I love mustard. All kinds. It’s just so good.
9. I have at least one cup of tea a day, but first I need a cup of coffee. Black.
8. My family and I camp in our fifth wheel. We typically choose our camping spots based on breweries we want to visit.
7. I have 3 brothers. Yes, I love them. Usually.
6. We have 2 dogs and a cat. It’s a zoo. I love them a lot though. Like, more than normal.
5. I’m a certified school counselor.
4. I grew up in the Doylestown area.
3. I say “wooder” but often try to say “water” since people in the LV don’t typically recognize Philly accents.
2. Yellow is my favorite color.
1. “Erin Joyce” is my first and middle name. My middle name is my grandmother’s maiden name.


The more known things about me? I adore my husband, two kids, my camera and sunsets. Since being a little girl,  I’d always find myself curled up on the floor on my mom’s side of the bed as I shoveled through 4×6 prints of our lives which sat quietly in the bottom drawer of her nightstand. I’d get lost for hours in the story they told. Melting ice-cream in the summer, our trips to the Outer Banks. The snow forts we’d build as kids. A random birthday with a single candle in a plain cake. Moments I never thought I’d forget yet I’d see them for the first time again. This is where my love of photography started and it’s completely unraveled in the most beautiful way as I’ve gotten older.

I capture all of my in between moments in life. My daughter zipping her coat for the first time. My son peddling his 3 wheeler. Bringing home a new puppy to greet the old one. Life. The fleeting moments that make the days long but the years short.

Taking a picture, for me, is about encapsulating an emotion and connection in a moment that can’t be seen by the naked eye. It’s a treasure to be cherished for all the years to come. Whether it’s a split second glimpse the groom gives his new bride that shows an immense adoration, or the moment you give your husband a look of new love as you see him as a father for one of the first times holding your new baby. I want to be the one to capture that fleeting moment. A moment you can hold onto forever. A moment that you can look at and get lost in a story like I did as a little girl looking at my 4×6’s.

Oh yeah, and hey, my name is Erin Miller of Erin Joyce Photography. Nice to meet you! If you want to chat about booking a wedding or a session, you can head here. Talk to you soon!